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Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sing, Gary, sing

Gary Williams after Maryland's 86-76 loss to Virginia Tech:

"You want facts? The facts are we beat the No. 2 team (Duke) on their court. The facts are the same team that was in the top 10 we beat on our court. We beat Memphis when they were 25th in the country. Some teams say they should get in without those wins. Now to counter that, you could say we had some bad losses. How that works, we'll see."

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Sun's David Steele says if there were any justice, Maryland and Tech will meet again — in the NIT:

"....What both schools 'accomplished' this season should earn them a date with each other in the National Invitation Tournament. Forget the hype about the toughest conference in America. Al that adding these two to the NCAA field would mean is that the field of 65 is as watered down as it ever has been."

Look at it this way: Won't Maryland's presence give the NIT some more prestige? I'll do Steele one better: How about a State-Maryland NIT final? It'll be 1974 all over again.