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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Sartorial splendor

At least Chris Paul looked good sitting on Wake's bench. Several sportswriters took note.

The N&O's Lorenzo Perez:

"Friday night, (Paul) was merely the best-dressed ballboy in ACC history."

The N&R's Ed Hardin:

"Paul came dressed in a resplendent suit, a three-piece silk spin with a cream dress shirt and shiny shoes."

WSJ's Lenox Rawlings:

"The only technical foul nailed a reserve deep on the Wake Forest bench (and it wasn't Paul, who wore a shimmering light gold suit with a greenish tint......He jumped up and down like a GQ pogo stick as the team huddled during introductions."

Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler:

"Since Paul had to sit out Friday, he sat out in style. He showed up in a pinstriped three-piece, mustard-gold suit. It was NBA-quality attire, right down to right down to the gleaming cufflinks. Paul was the best-dressed man in the arena, but he had to wear a credential to get into the game. He hung that from his belt loop so it dangled down to his left knee."

The Washington Times' Jon Siegel:

"With Paul nattily attired on the bench in a tan pinstripe suit, vest and gold tie, the Wolfpack controlled the tempo and bolstered their NCAA Tournament hopes by advancing to the ACC semifinals."

AJC's Jack Wilkinson:

"Just five days hence, the rematch was no match at all. Not with Chris Paul stuck on the bench, wearing some shade-of-old-gold suit and a grim-faced expression."