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Friday, March 04, 2005

Refreshed and ready

The Herald-Sun's Bryan Strickland sums up last night's Duke- Miami game:

"While Duke displayed an intensity level befitting of the first day of preseason practice, Miami played like it was the first day of practice — for all the wrong reasons. The Hurricanes, needing a victory to improve their hopes of getting an NCAA Tournament berth, were tentative and unsure from the start."

Frank Haith, on his team's first game in Cameron:

"I would hope that we would not be intimidated or in awe, but obviously something caused us to not want to execute and move. When the crowd got going, we didn't set screens. There was something that made that happen."

K continues to emphasize Duke's D:

"This has been one of our best defensive teams (at Duke). Not so much in forcing turnovers as in limiting field-goal percentage."