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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Not impressed

In addition to the N&R's coverage of State's victory is this letter to the Fans' Forum, from Paul Jacobs of Greensboro:

"After painfully watching N.C. State basketball for the last eight years, I feel it's time for Herb Sendek to go.

"Now, Herb's a real nice guy, a gentleman in fact, whose players are intelligent and well-behaved for the most part. However, N.C. State has reached a plateau of mediocrity in the powerful ACC, and that's not good enough......I just don't get it. Sendek's team just seems to fall apart in the big games and often turn the ball over way too many times.....Maybe Herb should take his Princeton offense to the Ivy League where it could flourish."

Mr. Jacobs will be watchng today's game with considerable interest.