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Saturday, March 05, 2005

McCantsless, part II

If this is online anywhere, I can't find it.

The N&R's Jeff Carlton raises the question of Carolina dropping in NCAA tournament seeding if Rashad McCants doesn't return by selection Sunday.

McCants is "an impact player, and if he continues to sit right through next week's ACC Tournament, the comittee will have to weigh UNC with McCants against UNC without McCants."

Tournament selection committee chairman Bob Bowlsby:

"Our task is to put the 34 best teams into the tournament as at-large teams. That takes into account issues of injuries. We're going to take into account the entire portfolio of work.....But we also have to evaluate the team they're going to put on the floor when the conference tournaments start and when the NCAA tournament starts."

The interjection of subjectivity when selecting the NCAA tournament field has always bothered me, and it always will. But it's reality, and a harsh reality at that, for the majority of ACC teams this season.