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Friday, March 25, 2005

Heels under the microscope

Marvin Williams is profiled by the N&O and the N&R.

The N&R's Jeff Carlton takes notice of Williams' locker room manner:

"A reporter introduces himself to an 18-year-old in the North Carolina locker room who quickyl has buitl a reputation as one of college basketball's most remarakably gifted players. Many of the game's celebrities-in-training might acknolwedge the visitor with a quick sideways glance, if that. Not this one.

"'Hey, I'm Marvin Williams,' the long-limbed freshman said, looking up from his seat and politely extending his hand. 'Nice to meet you.'"

Meanwhile, Scott Fowler wonders if Sean May is the forgotten man in the middle. I don't think so. May knows when to assert himself. At least that's what Tar Heel fans hope.

But May can't assert himself without a little help from Raymond Felton, who posseses a God-given talent to push the ball up the court.


"Raymond's my best friend this time of the year. He loves dishing the ball off. This year, more than eve, he understands what it means to lead the team. He's doen a great job of sacrificing himself more than anybody. I don't think he gets enough credit for that."