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Friday, March 11, 2005

Getting what we wished for......

State (minus Bethel, maybe) versus Wake (minus Paul, definitely). Will the game live up to the hype?

Caulton Tudor agrees with Billy Packer that State expended too much energy putting Florida State away:

"But in the final several minutes of an ugly, 70-54 victory over Florida State in the first round Tuesday, the Pack looked more tired than mad."

N&O metro columnist Barry Saunders gets the business from a few State fans for reporting taunts directed toward Chris Paul at the last State-Wake game:

"One State fan told me, 'You have got to be the stupidest (N-word) the white man has ever given a chance' to write. That was one of the kinder calls."

Careful, Wake.

Taron Downey:

"I think we are a No. 1 seed."

Justin Gray:

"In my eyes we have (locked up a No.1 seed). You look at our schedule and you see the teams that are going to the tournament, Cincinnati, New Mexico, those are good teams. We played good teams on the road."

The N&R's Ed Hardin:

"The controversy reached critical mass this evening when Chris Paul and the rest of us not playing watch Hodge and N.C. State take on Wake Forest in a game unlike any other played in this 51-year event."

Despite the lack of an inside presence, State's defense will, needless to say, be a factor.

The Charlotte Observer's Ron Green Jr. hopes the State-Wake game will put a little excitement into a so-far flat tournament:

"Until that rarest of events — a rare Virginia postseason victory — the closest thing to a buzz Thursday was the idea of N.C. State and Wake Forest getting together again, just five days after their Sunday scrum that left both sides aching in various ways."