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Monday, March 21, 2005


N.Y Times' William Rhoden gives Julius Hodge the hero treatment:

"I'm not a Julius Hodge fan because he hit a game-winning shot or scored 17 points or passed for 6 assists yesterday. I'm a fan because he has been able to maintain focus on his classes and the college life."

Rhoden quotes State assistant coach Larry Harris, who more than vouches for Hodge's talent:

"He's meant everything for our program. Up intil that time, we hadn't had a guy like him, who was a high school all-America, but who was unbelievably unselfish and willing to do things to make other guys better, along with being good himself.

"What he brought was a lot of ability, but what he also brought was that cohesiveness and togetherness. When you listen to him, that's what he's all about: winning first. Kids like him are different. He's a throwback. He's one of those guys who likes Magic Johnson. Michael Jordan, he could care less."

Pretty strong testimony.

Are we really looking at a State-Carolina regional final?