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Thursday, March 10, 2005

Excessive celebration

Last week, I criticized Clemson for partying a bit too hard after beating Virginia Tech.

Now this from the N&O's J.P. Giglio and Lorenzo Perez, who stick it to Carolina for celebrating their win over Duke:

"First, Carolina fans rush the court, then Tar Heels coach Roy Williams leads a net-cutting ceremony. Which is more pathetic? Storming the floor for beating a lower-ranked team, or commemorating a regular-season title? My, how times have changed. Remember when the Heels refused to cut down the nets after winning the 1994 ACC Tournament because they were waiting for the national title?"

Lenox Rawlings puts in his two cents' worth:

"The Tar Heels finished first in the standings, cut down the nets at home and satisfied certain hunger pangs. A sated team lacks the title profile, especially with Rashad McCants' intestinal illness throwing doubt into the March rotatin rhythm. Scratch Carolina."

Yeah, I'm down on excessive celebrations. But remember what happened to the Tar Heels in 1994. Perhaps they were wound just a bit too tight. It's also been tough road back for Carolina and their (swallow hard) fans.