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Monday, March 07, 2005

Du-du, part II

No, I'm not talking about Duke this time. I'm summing up State's season: If there's a pile of you-know-what lying somewhere on the court, the Wolfpack will collectively step in it.

There are so many angles to analyze it blows the mind.

The N&O's Chip Alexander writes:

"The ACC's last regular season game was played with all the fire and inensity — and a touch of venom — of the ACC Tournament...."

Alexander was there, so he might know better than I would. But from my point of view, this game was just plain ugly all the way around, from Chris Paul's shot to the groin, to Steve Hodge being escorted off the court, to the Wolfpack's free-throw shooting to State fans' taunting of Paul:

"Some of the taunts yelled at Paul following the original incident with Hodge referred to the murder of Paul's grandfather during Paul's senior season at West Forsyth."

Now, some questions:

Does anybody believe State deserves an NCAA bid after last night's game?

How does a team come down the court — needing only one shot and looking at overtime (at the very least) — give the ball back to the opponent with four seconds left?

Speaking of airballs, how did Julius Hodge manage to throw two up — in the paint?

Why did Tony Bethel clank a three-point attempt — with absolutely nobody under the basket? (No. I'm not forgetting about his nice drive to the hoop late in the game.)

Points to ponder.