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Tuesday, March 08, 2005


How about this: The most telling spin on the whole Chris Paul situation is Sean May's defense:

"University of North Carolina junior Sean May, who counts Paul among his better friends in the league, said Paul was simply caught doing something that happens far too often in college games."


"A lot of players do it. A lot of players don't need to do it. It depends on your attitude and what kind of person you are; Chris and Julius (Hodge) are both those types of players. There were four or five times when we played State that you could have questioned Julius for being dirty."

During Carolina's victory over Duke, May said:

"There were four or five plays last night that could have been questionable as dirty play."

May goes on:

"I don't think it's something you can say he deserves to be suspended, because it wasn't called" a foul.

Remember, Paul took a pretty pretty nasty shot from Elton Brown during the Virginia game, and nothing was done.

OK, it wasn't to a shot to the package. As ESPN's Daily Quickie points out, Paul took things to a new low.

Amidst all the concern about thuggery on ACC courts these days, WSJ's Lenox Rawlings points out that Art Heyman, Larry Brown and Donnie Walsh still remain the standard bearers