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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

20-20 hindsight

Lenox Rawlings pens a long post-mortem on Wake Forest.

Rawlings suggests says we should have seen the Deacons' premature end coming, starting with the Illinois game:

"Teams that intend to win the national championship don't fall 32 points behind anybody, because pride won't let them."

Other ominous signs: The Deacs peaked too early with their win over Carolina in the teams' only meeting; the 102 points Wake gave up to Georgia Tech in overtime; and of course, the head games, which "created conditions ripe for the victim mentality to spread."

I did wonder how the Deacons could possibly live up to all the hype. I mean, Chris Paul was everywhere. With media surrounding them eveywhere they went, Prosser and Paul probably felt comfortable sounding off about perceived slights from officials on and off the court. Such a comfort level with the media often reflects overconfidence on the court.

While sportswriters recognized Wake's defensive lapses, it seemed to me like they never really had an organized offensive scheme all season. They had talented players who were very quick to the ball, excellent 3-point and free-throw shooting, and a big man who always had three opposing jerseys taking him on. Yet it seemed like their offense was never set. In my mind, that would have cost them somewhere down the road to the Final Four.

Just my thoughts. To show you what I know, I thought Kansas looked pretty damn good. Then again, they got boned on their tournament seeding, too.......