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Monday, February 28, 2005

The winner is.......

...Taron Downey.

Wake Forest 90 Virginia 68

Did Skip Prosser know the Oscars were on later in the evening, or was his imagery just a coincidence?

"Ray Charles could see that Taron Downey is a heck of a basketball player. But I am surprised when people are surprised that Taron plays well. Maybe that's because I watch him every day in practice, and I've watched him play for four years at a very tough spot. He has acquitted himself. We don't win every game, but he has led us to a pretty good winning percentage of winning some basketball games in a very demanding conference."

The game was overly physical, coming to a head when Elton Brown drove a forearm into Chris Paul's back after Paul was fouled by Sean Singletary.

The expression on Prosser's face said it all as he drew his first technical of the season. For what it's worth, Dan Bonner was livid, and said in no uncertain terms that Brown should have been thrown out of the game.

Paul sums up Virginia's offensive strategy, which will cost Pete Gillen his job at the end of the season:

"They'd push the ball up the court, then they'd try to play '21', where they'd stand out there, dribbling the shot clock down and pretty much shot a 3."