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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Turning the corner...and old white men

Georgia Tech 70 Clemson 62

After playing one of its "worst halves of the season," Tech rallies to beat the Tigers.

The game marked not only the return of B.J. Elder but freshman forward Jeremis Smith, "who brought the muscle in a surprising return."

AJC's Rana Cash continues:

"Tech is hoping that there will be a greater appreciation now for the team...The Jackets were 4-5 in Elder's absence, including a stretch where they lost three games in a row.....They may now have turned a corner."

In addition to answering questions about his team's play on the cout last night, Jackets coach Paul Hewitt had to address allegations in new book saying high school star Sebastian Telfair was offered $250,000 by an "old white guy" to attend Tech.

Hewitt says he knows nothing:

"If some mysterious man who fits no description, or the very generic old white guy description, walked up to (Telfair) and offered him $250,000, he didn't represent Georgia Tech or its athletic interests."

Hewitt told The Macon Telegraph he "stopped recruiting Telfair when the point guard was a junior because he thought Telfair would jump staright to the NBA. That opinion, Hewitt said, was confirmed by (Stephon) Marbury (Telfair's cousin) during a telephone conversation with Tech assistant Willie Reese."

Follow all that?