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Thursday, February 03, 2005

State vs. Carolina

Analysis of tonight game:

The Durham Herald-Sun's Neil Amato:

"The Tar Heels want a track meet. The Wolfpack wants a marathon."

Same thing with WSJ's Bill Cole:

"The outcome could turn on which team controls the tempo-State prefers to stroll, North Carolina likes to sprint."

The N&O's A.J. Carr focuses on Carolina's trap defense, called The Scramble,

"an old defense that UNC coach Roy Williams has dusted off and used more frequently this season. Chances are N.C. State will see it tonight."

Especially Tony Bethel, who ain't seen nothing yet.

Meanwhile, Caulton Tudor ponders Herb Sendek's future:

"Whether anyone in the NCSU administration wants to admit it, Sendek is on the clock. He has to be. The alarm won't ring this season or perhaps even next. But at some point, a program with State's expectations and heritage can't gain ground on anyone by having to settle for third in the neighborhood and fourth or fifth in the conference every year."

As a Wolfpack fan, I'll come out and say it: I'm worried this could be another Virginia for Tar Heel fans. That said, worse State teams have played better Carolina teams tough, even in the Smith Center. Right?