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Friday, February 04, 2005

Sick 95, Tired 71

Illness and injuries are the major themes running through the Tar Heels' victory over the Wolfpack

N&R coverage

The N&R's Ed Hardin:

"It was one of the worst basketball games in the recent history of this long-standing rivalry."

More Hardin:

"The spin control coming out of Raleigh needs to end. State looked terrible against Carolina, and it probably desreves its coach saying so."

The N&O focuses on Marvin Williams:

"The 6-foot-9 Williams' presence symbolized one of the reasons UNC is thriving while NCSU is barely surviving: The Tar Heels have a wealth of healthy, talented bodies. The Wolfpack does not."

The N&O's Caulton Tudor says UNC is looking good, then writes

"At this rate, the Heels should be able to start the NCAA Tournament in Charlotte, a pod site for first-and second-round games.....Logically, two ACC teams will begin the tournament there. The obvious contenders are Duke, Wake Forest and Carolina."