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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Not so crazy about the Crazies

Cameron Indoor Stadium remains a fearsome place to visit, but these days much of the action in the stands seems to be about the action in the stands. Hey, Dookie V, look at us, we're Crazies!

Being a little too into the wacky rep has been a problem for a while. As this column from 2003 says, "The clever antics of the fans in the stands were cute when Duke was a plucky underdog, but they come off as obnoxious and self-referential when applied to a perennial top-5 team."

Now ESPN's Mike Ogle says Cameron fans have jumped the shark -- they're not just annoying, they're not that good anymore. "Maybe they're too busy with their future-CEO classes to actually care about basketball anymore -- or at least care as much about the hoops as they seem to care about amusing each other."

At the N&R's Sports Extra blog, Jim Young asks, "But what, exactly, does wearing a blazer and a fake afro have to do with Duke basketball?"

And Stuffwriter, an admitted Duke hater, is not impressed with the artistic skills of the body-painters.

Better get a T-O, baybee!