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Thursday, February 10, 2005

More Duke-UNC

More analysis and comment from last night's game:

Rashad McCants:

"We played so bad. It's gotta be the worst game I've ever seen, and we almost won. We played even worse than Santa Clara."

Raymond Felton:

"I should have gone to the basket or taken a short pull-up. I didn't take it. Sean wasn't open. Rashad wasn't open. It wasn't a panic, but it was like 'What can I do?'"

Daniel Ewing:

"I don't know about you media guys; I don't if you expected us to lose this game but we came into this game expecting to win."

N.Y. Times' Pete Thamel:

"..Duke has forged an underdog's reputation this year this season thanks to its emphasis on defense an its use of the seven-man rotation."