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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Good game?

Duke 71 Carolina 70

Neither team looks impressive in the final seconds. J.J. Redick throws up an air ball(!!!), leaving Carolina plenty of time to set up a final shot, which the Tar Heels never get off. Why didn't Duke push it inside to get a better shot and perhaps a foul? Did Raymond Felton take too much time pushing the ball up the court, as Billy Packer suggested?

The N&O's Caulton Tudor sums it up:

"...The uneven performances by the two rivals proved that both still have a lot of improving to do in order to become legitimate national championship contenders."

But the Charlotte Observer's Scott Fowler has a different view:

"Either North Carolina or Duke has played in the final four in 18 of the past 24 season, and that statistic should probably go 19-of-25 in April. These teams are very good."

CHoops sees a silver lining:

"This is exactly how a championship caliber basketball team should lose if it must lose...."

The N&R has AP coverage posted, but inthe print edition, Jim Young quotes Roy Wiliams:

"I did not think their pressure would bother us. But we had five different turnoverss just throwing it from point A to point B, 10-12 feet away, because they were aggressive on the ball."

N&R's Ed Hardin on Rashad McCants' poor performance:

"This continues to be Williams' biggest fear and the potential seed of Carolina's destruction."

Gotta run, more analysis later.