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Sunday, February 27, 2005


Meanwhile, State looks engergized against Virginia Tech.

The N&O's Chip Alexander:

"After a solid 74-54 victory over Virginia Tech on Saturday, the Pack believes it's still there, still visible, still obtainable with two games left in the regular season. The NCAA Tournament, that is."

Two things......

"State's Julius Hodge was limited to eight points and had an ice pack on his right hand after the game. But the senior had eight rebounds and five assists and didn't let a poor offensive game affect his defense."

.....Virginia Tech coach Seth Greenberg sums up the Pack:

"We played a great team that is finally healthy. They are playing at a great level and they run their defense so well.....They had a sense of urgency......

As for Tech, Aaron McFarling writes the Hokies picked a bad time for a bad day:

"Since entering ACC play, the Hokies have surprised us, impressed us, wowed us, thrilled us. Rarely have they bored us. But there's no other way to describe Tech's 74-54 loss at N.C. State. The game was a big, fat, gnat-sucking yawn. and that's surprising considering how much was at stake."