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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Beating the spread

Well, it wasn't quite the old Four Corners that Virginia played at the Dean Dome, but they did try to slow Carolina down a bit, and it worked for a while. The Heels responded with some sharp half-court play -- I'd say Gillen did them a favor by offering the chance to work on that part of their game.

McCants was superb in ways that went beyond numbers. He attacked the hoop instead of relying on his jumper, and the assist off the fake to Jawad Williams was SportsCenter-worthy. Lot of fine performances on a night when Marvin sat out with a bum toe. Sean May continues to impress.

UVA, well, when the announcers are bragging on the fact that you're not down 50 this time, I guess that shows both progress and problems. Forbes looked good, and they hung tough for a while and then hung around for a while longer, but this team was not there to win.

Retro Night. Eh. Mildly amusing for a few minutes, fun to see Len Elmore in his 'fro wig, but you know what? ACC basketball is compelling enough that it doesn't need gimmicks, especially ones that are game-length commercials for ESPN Classic.