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Monday, February 07, 2005

Around the league

Florida State makes a brief run, but Carolina pulls away, helped by a collective butt-kicking from Roy Williams.

Coach K's fainting spell still gets press.

This is what amazes me about college basketball in general, the ACC in particular: You have guys in their mid-40s and up, wearing expensive suits in hot, stuffy arenas, shouting, cursing, busting veins, kicking their teams' butts. Is it not a miracle one of them hasn't dropped dead on the sidelines in all these years?

Of course, Duke-Carolina dominates this week's schedule. But Georgia Tech has to get off the floor against Clemson in Littlejohn (easier said than done), Maryland hosts a tough Virginia Tech team and (egads) State travels to Wake Forest.

ACC Basketblog posts its midseason All-ACC team, with some key matchups yet to come. Could something happen this week to raise or lower a player's stock?

Totally MIA: Julius Hodge.