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Monday, February 21, 2005


Duke 102 Wake Forest 92

So was K really trying to shake up his team or was he instructing them on the finer points of thuggery, with a little home cooking thrown in?

Skip Prosser sure is curious:

"Would it have irritated you? I mean, you guys make that call. You saw what was going on out there. I'm not going to comment on that. It was curious."

Chris Paul:

"It's kinda funny when they're pushing and the referees come up and tell me they're watching me. That's just the way it goes sometimes......

"It's obvious what they were trying to do. They were trying to put somebody different on me, and one time I was trying to walk through the elbow (of the lane) and (Davidson) bascially just grabbed me. He wanted me to smack him back, so we'd both get a double foul for something like that, but been there, done that."

Funny, K thought his players were on the receiving end after J.J. Redick was fouled:

"The whistle prompted (K) to angrily tap his own jaw with a fist. Wake's coaching staff apparently took the gesture as an accusation of dirty play, and Demon Deacons associate head coach Jeff Battle jumped off the bench and strated shouting and Krzyzewski."

K and Prosser meet at midcourt to discuss the situation, but Prosser wouldn't reveal the details of the conversation:

"That's between myself and coach. But it was apropos."

OK. So is it apropos to start hating Duke all over again?