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Saturday, January 08, 2005


It's too early to ask how good Carolina is -- the question now should be, How could can they be?

The answer as of today: very, very good.

I was at the Dean Dome for the Maryland game. Other than a sloppy stretch in the middle of the first half, the Heels were dazzling. When they put the defensive clamps on toward the end of the opening stanza, the rout was on. They played ten players before halftime, and seven guys ended up scoring in double figures; at one point fairly early in the second half there was only one starter on the floor.

Marvin Williams is a special talent. His missed dunks should still be on a highlight reel. McCants is a killer. May had some mental lapses today, but some nice plays and good hustle, too.

They still make some dumb mistakes, try things they shouldn't. They still haven't been tested, hard, and forced to play half-court offense when it counts. One big win at home in early January is just one win.

But...dayum, this team has scary potential.