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Monday, January 31, 2005

Rude greeting

Duke 100 Virginia Tech 65

The Hokies get a not-so-polite-greeting upon their first visit to Cameron as a member of the ACC.

Herald-Sun coverage

N&R coverage here and here

Seth Greenberg on running the Cameron-crazy gauntlet after being ejected:

"Something needs to be done. It's a potentially volatile situation. I almost got poked in the eye."

Roanoke Times coverage here and here

Greenberg weighs in further on the atmosphere in Cameron:

"When I was walking off the court after getting tossed, they have no security here and people were with their hands in my face, which I think is offensive."

The Times' Aaron McFarling on the atmosphere in Cameron:

"Until you've been here, you've tasted only a fraction of what this conference has to offer. Becuase this creaky old building is where four-game conference winning streaks come to die, where scrappy overachieving squads get a humblin' and a headache...

"..Think all this silliness has no impact? Think again. Tech's frustration began to boil almost immediately, and the intensity of the gym only made it worse."