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Monday, January 17, 2005

Next question

N.C. State 76 Georgia Tech 68

N&O coverage (They didn't have a beat writer on this story? Maybe they were watching football.)

AJC coverage

State does what it has to do, with Julius Hodge having an off-night.

Now here's the question: How good is Georgia Tech? We saw early on they did not shoot 3-pointers well, and the problem persists as the Jackets go only 2-15 against State after going 3-17 against Carolina.

AJC's Rana Cash:

"Senior guard B.J. Elder, Tech's best outside shooter, is expected back from a hamstring injury Saturday against Virginia Tech, but to what degree Elder can change the course is unclear.

"Certainly, coach Paul Hewitt hesitates to circle Elder's absence as the overriding factor in Tech's shortcomings. Instead, Hewitt pointed to what he saw in front of him- an offense that rushed shots in transition and buried itself with 11 first-half turnovers."