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Sunday, January 16, 2005

Just asking

Pete Gillen seems to think people are overreacting to his team's 0-3 conference start, with Duke looming tonight:

"We're struggling in this league and everybody has a nervous breakdown when we lose a game, but we're 9-4. Oh-and-three in the league is bad, yes, but we've lost to two top-10 teams and we've got another one today.

"We've just got to go day by day. Teams can get into this league with 7-9 records."

Should Cavalier fans be concerned that Gillen is basically predicting a 7-9 record? That should tell them Gillen's assuming there are teams in the ACC the Cavs just won't beat. That might be reality to the ourside world, but is that a good message to send to his players?