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Monday, January 24, 2005


N.C. State 85 Maryland 69

N&O coverage

Last year's bitter loss to the Terps in the ACC Tournament weighed heavily on the Pack.

Engin Atsur:

"They stole our championship. They came from 21 behind and stole it from us. That was the first thought in our minds- all of us. That was the emphasis at halftime today. All the players talked about it: Keep the lead, don't let it happen again."

Herb Sendek:

"It was on everybody's minds. You don't erase a memory like that."

For further inspiration, Sendek showed the team a 10-minute tape of the Paralympics.

Ilian Evtimov:

"It made us realize how fortunate we are to be healthy and play basketball."

Washington Times coverage:

"Maryland dismissed its recent blowout losses to Wake Forest and North Carolina as expected raod beatings by ACC heavyweights. After all, the Terrapins won't be the only ones to lose badly on Tobacco Raod this season.

"An embarassing 85-69 home loss to lackluster N.C. State last night led to no such conclusions."

Nik Caner-Medley:

"The reason we lost this game was because we didn't play well in the first half defensively. It has nothing to do with anything anyone did offensively."

John Gilchrist:

"We just couldn't stop them. They played on another level. I don't know what happened tonight."