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Friday, January 14, 2005

Ewing vs. Hodge

K asked his team who wanted to guard Hodge, and Ewing was the first guy to step up. Ewing's tight defense got to Hodge, who, in frustration, clipped Ewing in the nose with the ball.

The Durham Herald-Sun's Frank Dascenzo writes:

"There are turning points and there are crushing points, and the split-second Hodge hit Ewing in the nose, N.C. State may as well have unleashed a Duke clinic on how not to get angry, but to get even."

The N&O's Luciana Chavez doesn't make much of the ball-to-the-nose incident, writing that Hodge and Ewing "were in each other's crosshairs all game long."

Chip Alexander used stronger words in the lead story, saying "N.C. State had the most acrobatic, breath-snatching play of the game," referring to Cameron Bennerman's dunk. But, he continued, "the Wolfpack also had the dumbest" play of the game.

The Winston-Salem Journal's Lenox Rawlings quotes Hodge:

"I should have done it earlier. It relieved a lot of pressure."