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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Change is good

Change is on the way for the Wolfpack.

Look for more playing time from Andrew Brackman, Gavin Grant and Cedric Simmons and Ilian Evtimov, who Herb Sendek says is "starting to turn the corner" with his knee problems.

Possibly out of the loop: Levi Watkins, who's been stone cold shooting from the floor.

Watkins "is going to have to settle into a role where he tries to help our basketball team in whatever way he possibly can," Sendek said. That's a nice way of saying he's looking at some bench time. It will be interesting just how much Watkins' playing time decreases.

I realize I was a bit hard on Sendek after last week's loss to St. John's. Make no mistake, the Pack was horrible. But I'll back off on Sendek's job being in danger until I see what the three freshmen can do.

Also, Tony Bethel truly has not been healthy. I doubt I'd be very effective on the court if my large bowel were chronically inflamed.