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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Bloggers say.......

"The wheels fell off," writes Turtle Soup. "I am going to need a night's sleep to comprehend the wreckage and I will be back tomorrow with a rational and relaxed commentary."

A commenter to Turtle Soup writes, "Gilchrist's problems are with his attitude. We all have seen his emotions at their worst and I think Gary (Williams) is just sick of it at this point....However, I do feel that the Terps may have had a better chance of winning that game if Gilchrist got to play...By sitting out JG, Gary was punishing the team as well as John."

Meanwhile, Wake Forest Basketball writes, "Wake coach Skip Prosser criticized the Deacs' ability to 'finish the game' as they had in the first two ACC games, but he hit the nail on the head when adding that the players looked like 'they just wanted to get the game over with.' After all a top 5 team and in-state rival comes to town on Saturday. We'll excuse the Deacs for looking ahead....."