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Sunday, January 16, 2005

The big game, part II

Analysis runneth over in the "wake" of yesterday's Deacs-Tar Heels game:

The N.Y. Times' Viv Bernstein writes:

"Wake Forest might never rise to equality with beloved North Carolina, popular N.C. State or despised Duke in the hearts and minds of this state's maninc Atlantic Coast Conference basketball fans. But the longtime little brother of the state powerhouses made clear on Saturday that in the ACC standing, Wake Forest is second to none."

The N&R's Ed Hardin writes:

"After all these years, Wake Forest finally forced North Carolina to admit it. The Deacons are now a rival."

The Winston-Salem Journal's Lennox Rawlings focuses on Taron Downey's inspired play off the bench:

"Taron Downey mastered the present and brightened the Deacons' NCAA future, scoring 18 points and delivering the unexpected impetus behind a 95-82 victory yesterday afternoon."

After Downey hit two deep three pointers,

"Rashad McCants, the Tar Heels' swaggering stylist, grunted and retaliated with biting commentary.

"'He told me all my shots were over with,' Downey reported.

"The next time down the floor, Downeyt floated to the right side of the fould circle and drained another 3-point shot for a 17-13 lead."

The N&O's Ned Barnett says questions remain for UNC:

"Carolina is a deep team, but when it comes to playing elite opponents, the Heels may still be no deeper than McCants....

"Now here's another question. After romping over its first three ACC opponents, how will Carolina recover?

"Carolina may yet rule the ACC, but those who would be king must be able to successfully invade."