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Monday, January 24, 2005

Around the league

Have you heard? Duke's 15-0.

The Herald-Sun's Bryan Strickland makes some observations:

"In 1992, a Duke team destined to win a second straight NCAA title started the season 17-0. In 1986, a Duke team on its way to a school-record 37 victories and the NCAA title game started 16-0."

Still, Coach K says:

"We know who we are. We're not that good of a team. We'll get beat- we'll get beat a few times. We just have to keep it going the right way and just try to get better."

Shavlik Randolph is still a few weeks away from a complete mono recovery:

"There are going to be some times where whether or not I'm tired, the team is going to need me to do some stuff. And the team can't wait another two or three weeks to a month, so there are going to be some times where I'm going to have to be sucking some wind but still able to do some things."

Everybody hear that?

Miami's Robert Hite is slumping. His scoring average has dipped from 21 ppg to 17.5 in recent weeks. Against Duke and Carolina, Hite shot a combined 4-for-21.

UM coach Frank Haith says he can't "pinpoint" Hite's problem:

"I thought he had a lot of good looks, and he just missed the shots. My concern is that he not lose confidence. He needs to work through this."

OK, so Clemson enters its game with Virginia shooting 28 percent from the 3-point line. So, needing only two to tie, Sharrod Ford takes - you guessed it- a three.

In fairness, Clemson didn't shoot too bad (13-30) from 3-point range, and there's something to be said for going for the win on the road, but Ford said:

"I just wasn't sure what the score was."

Turtle Soup on Maryland's loss to State:

"I'm running out of words to express my displeasure with the Terrapins, so I'm calling tonight's effort 'Terri-trocious.' In my opinion, it was the most poorly-played game of the season....The mental mistakes and lack of preparation are mind-numbing."

The Winston-Salem Journal's Bill Cole writes that Roy Williams "wouldn't hesitate to play games in Carmichael or Woolen Gymnasium if he knew for certain his teams would win and the opponents would be at a disadvantage."

Do it, Roy.

Heels Sox Steelers says.....well, never mind.