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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Wake Forest 74 Cincinnati 70

Scouting report: Don't play Eric Williams one-on-one

WSJ coverage


"There was this play we ran early in the season that's basccally a play for me. It's called 41, which is just four around one. We stopped doing that for a couple of games."

Taron Downey silences the critics by nailing two free throws to ice the game, in spite of the taunts from the UC student section:

"You definitely want to silence the guys who are taunting you. It's really, really good to hear them all silent when you leave the court."

Cincinnati Enquirer coverage:

"This was one the Bearcats could walk away from knowing they did everything they could against a team that had them outmanned, especially inside."

Bob Huggins:

"We're way past moral victories here. We had a chance to win and we didn't."

The Deacs shut down Dudley alum Eric Hicks in the second half, as Hicks scores 16 of his 18 in the first half.