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Sunday, December 05, 2004

We noticed, part III

N.Y. Times: "ACC Runs Deep and Strong This Season."

OK, enough of that.

In its college basketball preview, the Times gives Georgia Tech some love with a front-page article on the Yellow Jackets.

Fans are reveling in Tech's success, as Alexander Memorial Coliseum (9,191) is sold out for the season.

But if it were up to some Tech boosters, Paul Hewitt would have been fired after '02-'03 season:

"...A small group of boosters approached the Tech president, Dr. Wayne Clough, about overhauling the athletic department. They wanted athletic director Dave Brame removed, as well as Hewitt...."

But university officials were impressed with Hewitt's commitment to academics As a result, Hewitt

"just didn't keep his job after the 16-15 season. He was given a new contract. That deal was ripped up and replaced by a six-year rollover deal after last season's improbable successes."

Expectations are high in Atlanta. And Chapel Hill. And Raleigh......