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Friday, December 10, 2004

This one's for Carolina fans

Yet another Reynolds memory from Go Pack.com. Indeed, Wolfpack fans, and everybody else, thought State's season was over when Dereck Whittenburg broke his foot against Virginia. Little did we know.

I'm sure Go Pack will write one more Reynolds memory just before tomorrow's game v. Liberty. But in case they don't, here's mine:

Jan. 17, 1979, State vs. Carolina. State rallies from a 40-19 halftime deficit to go up by one with under a minute to play. Dudley Bradley comes down the court and throws up a Brick from what would now be three-point range.

But as State brings down the ball down, Bradley, showing why he was the Secretary of Defense, picks Clyde "the Glide" Austin's pocket and goes in for the game-winning dunk.

Carolina 70, State 69

Help me out here: Didn't Mike O'Koren sprain his ankle and have to leave the game? I remember a photo of him cheering from the bench with his ankle wrapped in ice.