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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Tell 'em, Herb

It seems as though fans at N.C. State sporting events take some creative liberties with "The Star Spangled Banner" before games.

The N&O's Lorenzo Perez:

"In recent years, pregame performances of the anthem at State sporting events have prompted wolfpack fans to scream,'Red!' in sync with the line 'And the rockets' red glare,' as a tribute to their team's favorite color. And when the guest singer brings it home with the line 'and the home of the brave,' those same fans substitute 'Wolfpack' for 'brave.'"

So now State officials hope the students will tone it down for tonight's game against Louisiana-Lafayette.

But Student Wolfpack Club vice-president Brandon Pearson says the order to chill has to come from one man.

"The only way this will stop is if Herb comes out before the anthem and tells us not to do anything," Pearson said.

I'll never forget the time State was playing Carolina a few years ago in Reynolds. The official made a call the fans didn't like, and they started throwing ice and cups onto the floor. In the middle of the game, Sendek walked to the scorer's table, took the microphone, and told the fans to knock it off. And they did.

In years of watching ACC basketball games, I'd never seen that before. At that moment, Sendek forever earned my respect. Keep it up, Herb. Take the mike tonight.