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Friday, December 03, 2004

Style vs. substance

What is that sign Rashad McCants makes after he hits abig three-pointer?

Adam Lucas at Tar Heel Blue.com says the diamond-shaped hand-gesture is "an age-old sorority sign that has recently gained popularity in some of the music McCants enjoys."

Look, McCants has made a lot of shots in his career and will be expected to make many more. Just run down the court, dude. No chest-thumping, no hand signals. Just defense.

Then there's the issue of Quentin Thomas' cornrows. The question is: Would Dean Smith have allowed a guy on the court with cornrows?

It's a debatable question. Dean always stressed to his team that they were nit just ballplayers, but representatives of the university. It was a message he learned under Frank McGuire.

In his memoir, "A Coach's Life," Smith talked about having to wear a coat and tie every day to work, even in the July heat, because McGuire cautioned that they could be summoned to a meeting with the chancellor at any moment. It just wouldn't do to show up in coaching togs.

Yet, Dudley Bradley and Sam Perkins both started their careers at Carolina with some big-ass Afros. But remember that Bradley and Perkins each came into his own after a haircut.

Thomas is regarded as a polite young man and "has made an impression as one of the most respectful freshman to come through the program in recent memory."

But Thomas' 'do is so distinctive that it violates the Tar Heel philosophy of team over individual. So I vote no, Dean would not allow cornrows.