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Thursday, December 23, 2004

A quality win?

Wake Forest 81, New Mexico 64

WSJ coverage

A "quality win" for Wake? Not so sure. There were some nice moves to the basket, but the game was a little too physical and there were way too many ill-advised shots. The Deacs' offense, in my view, just never seemed to be in sync.

Even though he hardly played in the second half, Eric Williams showed he is a force under the basket. I loved the rebound he pulled down with three guys all over him. I guess understand Skip Prosser's strategy of letting Williams sit with four fouls for the remainder of the game. No doubt he would have returned had the game remained close, and with a bad ankle, it was wise to let him sit as the Deacs pulled away.

But the way I see it, Williams is going to have to learn to play with foul trouble.