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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

SI's Seth Davis writes at length on the ACC.

He starts off with Virginia coach Pete Gillen, who knows he's still on the hot seat despite Virginia's big win over Arizona. The normally jovial Gillen is all business this season:

"I don't feel like making jokes. When everybody's criticizing you just decide to be polite and respectful, but that's it."

Davis also reports that UVa.'s new John Paul Jones arena isn't quite paid for yet. The university still needs to raise another $40 million before the project can be completed. Virginia hopes to open the 2006 season in the new arena against- you guessed it- Arizona. The two schools have just started a four-year home-and-home series. Next year, Tuscon.

Matt Doherty told Davis what it was like to see his former players for the first time since he resigned in 2003:

"It's like any divorce. If you see your ex-wife at the grocery store, either she's going to throw a bunch of eggs at you, or you're going to have a genuinely enjoyable conversation. To be able to see those guys and laugh with them and reminisce a little bit was good for my soul."

Lastly, Davis writes that at least one ACC team might not be getting proper respect:

"I'm telling you, ya'll are underrating N.C. State."