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Saturday, November 13, 2004

Millbarge comments that he's "very upset about the unbalanced schedule, and I think the big story in February will be its effect on the ACC standings."

We'll turn again to Anday Katz of ESPN.com for his analysis of the unbalanced schedule.

The part that caught my eye was his quote from Georgia Tech coach Paul Hewitt, who said, in effect, that a schedule with home-and-home games among the Big Four would give those schools an advantage.

"The schools in North Carolina always had a tremendous travel advantage," Hewitt said. "Three games a year, they could sleep in their own beds the night before a game. Expansion will spread the travel burden out a bit and create more parity."

True enough. Yet, while sipping coffee at Tate Street Coffee House this morning (sounds very cosmopolitan, doesn't it?) I spoke with a fellow State fan. His take was home-and-home games among Big Four schools was anounfair advantage, because their schedules would eb weighted with tougher opponents.

True enough, as well. But that's what's made the ACC a great conference: No breaks in the schedule. Every game is tough. (Well, except Clemson at Carolina.)

I'll go ahead and say it: Hey, ACC, don't mess with the Big Four any more. We're the heart and soul of the conference, and we want our teams to play each other. As much as possible.