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Thursday, November 25, 2004

Florida State's win over NAIA Division II Shawnee State (who knew the NAIA had two divisions) caused us to wonder: what are the lamest games on the ACC schedule this season? Excluding any in-conference battles (Miami and Virginia Tech, you can thank us later) here are the top five lame games, in reverse order (so as to build up the tension):
5. NC State vs. Columbia: Dec. 28, 2004: Ah, the Ivy League. Balancing academics with... academics. While Wake took on Yale, the Pack will tussle with the Lions, who finished 2-25, 0-14 (Ivy) last season. Our prediction for Julius Hodges' stat line: 28 points, 11 assists, 7 rebounds, 10 minutes.
4. Virginia Tech at Virginia Military Institute: Dec. 4, 2004: Ok, you need wins, but at VMI? Can you imagine Duke going to Elon, or Maryland going to Maryland-Baltimore County? You've got a lot to learn about being a major college basketball program, Hokies.
3. Georgia Tech vs. Lafayette: Dec. 28, 2004: This must be the date for bad games. The Leopards are members of the Patriot League, usually rated as the weakest conference in Division I. Tech takes on Kansas four nights later, so we'll give them a break on this one.
2. Miami vs. Stetson, Tenn. Tech, App. State, and Norfolk St.: Dec. 18, 2004 - Jan. 2, 2005: In the four games before Miami's ACC debut, it takes on four of the biggest dogs the 'Canes could find. Of course, they'll be lucky to go 2-2, so maybe they shouldn't be on this list. (Note: How'd you like to be a 'Canes basketball fan - or should we say the 'Canes basketball fan - and buy a mini-season game ticket package, and they send you ducats to these four games? Yuck.)
1. Wake Forest vs. Longwood College: Feb. 23, 2005. The weakest matchup, right in the middle of the ACC schedule. Longwood, in south central Virginia, is moving up to Division I - and lost to Columbia earlier this season. You can read about the Lancers' move to D1 here, but we'll save you the time and quote our favorite statement, from school president Dr. Patricia P. Cormier: "We look forward to developing some great rivalries." Note to Dr. Cormier: Wake Forest won't be one of them.