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Thursday, November 11, 2004

Am I the only person who has trouble deciphering Ed Hardin's columns?

On the second reading, I figured out what Hardin was trying to say about N.C. State and yes, he got to the heart of why it's been fun to be a Wolfpack fan over the past few years.

"They just don't do things like everybody else over in Raleigh," Hardin writes. In my mind, State has been playing a more fundamentally sound style of basketball than other teams. The offense that features back-door passes and smooth slashes to the basket have provided much-needed contrast to the run-and-gun style that's taken over the game.

But I'll add a word of caution: State still desperately needs help in the middle. Marcus Melvin wasn't a center; he was a 6-9 shooting guard. Going to the post was never an option last year.

Like this year's football team, the Pack in past years has had trouble with discipline. Time and again last season, momentum gained by a solid half-court offense has often been undone by wild full-court passes that ended up in the front row.

Is this State's breakthrough year? I'm not so sure. They'll definitely be competitive.

Just one fan's opinion.......