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Monday, November 29, 2004

The ACC-Big Ten challenge previewed by the News & Record's Rob Daniels at the Greensboro paper's sports blog...

...and at CBS SportsLine.com, where Gregg Doyel notes, "Even if it sweeps all nine games this week, the Big Ten would still trail all time in the ACC-Big Ten Challenge, which currently stands 27-17 in the ACC's favor.

"Does that mean the ACC has had the superior conference since 1999? Please. That question is too easy to dignify with a response."

....but don't tell that to Illinois coach Bruce Weber, says this article -- "Weber and his Big Ten colleagues [are] tired of taking a back seat to the ACC."

Earlier this year, Weber was quoted as saying, "ESPN is an ACC driven unit. The announcers are people from the ACC or seem to be prone to promote them. It would be nice to get a hype on (the Big Ten's season).''

Nothing like winning a few games to get your hype, coach. Illinois hosts Wake Forest on Wednesday night.